Protected areas

Ablinga Geomorphological Reserve Abokai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Adomiskis Botanical-zoological Reserve Adutiškis Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Adutiškis Telmological Reserve Adutiškis-Guntauninkai forests biosphere polygon Aguonis Geomorphological Reserve Aisetas Landscape Reserve Aitra Hydrographical Reserve Akmena Lake Hydrographical Reserve Akmena Landscape Reserve Akmuo Geological Reserve Alantas Landscape Reserve Algirdėnai Telmological Reserve Aliai Telmological Reserve Alioniai Telmological Reserve Aliosia Hydrographical Reserve Alka Forest Linden Genetic Reserve Alksnyne Landscape Reserve Alkūnės kampas Geomorphological Reserve Alnis Hydrographical Reserve Aloja Telmological Reserve Alsia Hydrographical Reserve Alsuodis Telmological Reserve Aluona Hydrographical Reserve Alytus šilo Oak Genetic Reserve Alytus šilo Pine Genetic Reserve Amalvas Botanical-Zoological Reserve Ančia Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Ancia Landscape Reserve Ancia Landscape Reserve Ancučiai Landscape Reserve Angys Geomorphological Reserve Ankantai Telmological Reserve Antakalnis Landscape Reserve Antakalnis Landscape Reserve Antakmeniai Hydrographical Reserve Antaliedė Botanical-zoological Reserve Antalieptes Marios Hydrographical Reserve Antanai Pedological Reserve Antazave Wood Landscape Reserve Antkalne Geomorphological Reserve Anuliškiai Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Anuliškiai Forest Spruce Genetic Reserve Anykščiai Old Town Urban Reserve Anykščiai Regional Park Anyksciai Silelis Landscape Reserve Anykšta Hidrographical Reserve Apascia Hydrographical Reserve Apšė biosphere polygon Apse Botanical Reserve Apūniškiai Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Apuole Landscape Reserve Apusis Botanical-Zoological Reserve Apvaršuva Geomorphological Reserve Ariogala Botanical Reserve Arlaviškiai Botanical Reserve Arlaviskiai Ornitological Reserve Armena Geomorphological Reserve Armona Geological Reserve Asalnai Hydrographical Reserve Asveja Landscape Reserve Asveja Regional Park Aukspirta Hydrographical Reserve Aukštadvaris Historical Reserve Aukštadvaris Regional Park Aukštadvaris Urban Reserve Aukštagirė Geomorphological Reserve Aukstagiris Geomorphological Reserve Aukštaitija National Park Aukstasis Tyras Telmological Reserve Aukštumalė Telmological Reserve Avire Hydrographical Reserve Avižlis Hydrographical Reserve Ažubalė Pedological Reserve Azuolai Botanical Reserve Azuolija Botanical-Zoological Reserve Azuolyne Botanical - Zoological Reserve Azusile Landscape Reserve Azvinciai (Gerveciai Sengire) Strict Nature Reserve Ažvinčiai Wood Botanical-zoological Reserve
Babrungas Landscape Reserve Babtai-Varluva forests biosphere polygon Bakanauskai Telmological Reserve Balandinė Telmological Reserve Balbieriškis forest biosphere polygon Balcia Hydrographical Reserve Balčiai Telmological Reserve Baldonas Geomorphological Reserve Balkasodis Botanical Reserve Baltasamanė Telmological Reserve Baltežeris Telmological Reserve Baltic Sea biosphere polygon Baltic Sea Thalassological Reserve Baltis Strict Nature Reserve Baltkojai Pedological Reserve Baltoji Ancia Hepertological Reserve Baltoji Ančia Hydrographical Reserve Baltoji Vokė biosphere polygon Baluosai Landscape Reserve Baluosas Landscape Reserve Baravykine Landscape Reserve Barciai Landscape Reserve Barnėnai Telmological Reserve Bartkuškis Telmological Reserve Bartuva Ichthiological Reserve Barupe Hydrographical Reserve Baublys Ornitological Reserve Baužaičiai Telmological Reserve Bėčionys Landscape Reserve Beiciunai Ornitological Reserve Bėkšvė Geomorphological Reserve Belmontas Botanical-zoological Reserve Benediktavas Landscape Reserve Bernotiškės Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Berštai Botanical-zoological Reserve Berūkštinė Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Berža Landscape Reserve Beržinis Telmological Reserve Berzoras Landscape Reserve Betygala Landscape Reserve Bijotai Forest Black Alder Genetic Reserve Bilioniai Lanscape Reserve Birštonas Urban Reserve Birvėta biosphere polygon Biržai Forest Aspen Genetic Reserve Biržai forest biosphere polygon Biržai Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Biržai Forest Black Alder Genetic Reserve Biržai Forest Spruce Genetic Reserve Biržai Regional Park Biržai Urban Reserve Birzu Giria Botanical Reserve Biržulis Botanical-zoological Reserve Biržuvėnai Landscape Reserve Bitėnai Botanical Zoological Reserve Bitėnai Geomorphological Reserve Blinstrubiškis forest biosphere polygon Blinstrubiškis Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Bourbon Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Braziūkai Forest Pine I Genetic Reserve Braziūkai Forest Pine II Genetic Reserve Braziūkai Forest Pine III Genetic Reserve Bražuolė Archeological Reserve Bražuolė Botanical Reserve Bražuolė Hydrographical Reserve Bridvaišis Landscape Reserve Buda Botanical-Zoological Reserve Būda-Pravieniškės forest biosphere polygon Budeliai Landscape Reserve Budragaidis Strict Nature Reserve Bugieda Botanical-zoological Reserve Buivydziai Hydrographical Reserve Būka Hydrographical Reserve Bukta Botanical Reserve Buktbale Strict Nature Reserve Bulėnai Telmological Reserve Buozenai Geomorphological Reserve Buoziai Geological Reserve Burbinė Forest Linden I Genetic Reserve Burbinė Forest Linden II Genetic Reserve Butinge birds swamp Ornitological Reserve Butinge Geomorphological Reserve
Castle (Pilis) Landscape Reserve Cedasas ornitological Reserve Cedronas upper Landscape Reserve Cepkeliai State Strict Nature Reserve Cimokavas Ornitological Reserve Ciulenai Geomorphological Reserve Curonian Lagoon biosphere polygon
Dabikinė Hydrographical Reserve Dabinta Botanical-Zoological Reserve Dabinta Ornitological Reserve Daigai Forest Oak I Genetic Reserve Daigai Forest Oak II Genetic Reserve Daigai Forest Oak III Genetic Reserve Dalgine Botanical Reserve Daniliškės Archeological Reserve Daniliškės Village Architectural Reserve Daubėnai Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Daubėnai Landscape Reserve Daudzgiriai Botanical Reserve Daugyvene Hydrographical Reserve Daugyvenė Landscape Reserve Daukantai Geomorphological Reserve Daumenai Geological Reserve Debesnai Telmological Reserve Degsnė Botanical Reserve Degučiai Landscape Reserve Dėlinis Telmological Reserve Deltuva Botanical Reserve Didelis Forest Oak Genetic Reserve Didmargis Botanical Reserve Didžbalė Telmological reserve Didžiagiris Forest Oak Genetic Reserve Didžiasalis Ethnocultural Reserve Didzioji giria (Aukstasis tyras I) Telmological Reserve Dievemiškiai Geomorphological Reserve Dieveniškės historical regional park Dieveniškės Urban Reserve Dilbinėliai Botanical Reserve Dimitravas Forest pine Genetic Reserve Diržamenys Telmological Reserve Dotnuva-Josvainiai forests biosphere polygon Dotnuvėlė Landscape Reserve Dovydai forest Botanical Reserve Drąseikiai Geological Reserve Drąskai Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Draumėnai Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Draumėnai Landscape Reserve Drausgiris Strict Nature Reserve Dravių kampas Geomorphological Reserve Drubengis Botanical Reserve Druja Geomorphological Reserve Druskininkai Botanical Reserve Dubakalnis Landscape Reserve Dubausis Botanical Reserve Dubingiai Urban Reserve Dubrava Forest Pine I Genetic Reserve Dubrava Forest Pine II Genetic Reserve Dubrava Marsh Reserve Dubulis Botanical Reserve Duburys Hydrographical Reserve Dubysa Hydrografical Reserve Dubysa Ichthiological Reserve Dubysa Regional Park Dubysa-Venta Perkasas Hydrographical Reserve Dukstai Strict Nature Reserve Dukštos Landscape Reserve Dukstyna Entomological Reserve Dumblis Telmological Reserve Dumblynė Landscape Reserve Dusetos Urban Reserve Dusetos Wood Botanical-zoological Reserve Dusia Hydrographical Reserve Dvarcionys Geomorphological Reserve Dysna Hydrographical Reserve Dzūkija National Park
Eglynlaukis Botanical Reserve Eituniškė Telmological Reserve Elmė Landscape Reserve Elniakampis (Velniakampis) Landscape Reserve Erla geomorphological Reserve Ertenis Telmological Reserve Ešerinis I Telmological Reserve Ešerinis II Telmological Reserve Ežerėliai Geomorphological Reserve
Forest Birch Genetic Reserve
Gabriliava Pedological Reserve Gaidžiabalė samanynė Telmological Reserve Gaisai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Galvė Lake Hydrographical Reserve Galzdonai Botanical Reserve Gandinga Landscape Reserve Ganiava Telmological Reserve Gardai Geomorphological Reserve Garniai Hill Landscape Reserve Gastilioniai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Gaudikiai Geomorphological Reserve Gauja Landscape Reserve Gečioniai Botanical Reserve Gedžiūnai forest biosphere polygon Gegrėnai Archeological Reserve Gegužinė Telmological Reserve Geidukonys Telmological Reserve Gėjus Temological Reserve Geledne Botanical Reserve Gelednė forest biosphere polygon Gelze Botanical-Zoological Reserve Gemeliskis Botanical-zoological Reserve Gerdašiai Entomological Reserve Germantas Landscape Reserve Gesalai Geomorphological Reserve Gintaras Bay Historical Reserve Ginteniai Forest Aspen Genetic Reserve Girdziai Botanical Reserve Girele Botanical Reserve Girgždūtė Landscape Reserve Girija Landscape Reserve Girkančiai Telmological Reserve Girnikai Landscape Reserve Giruliai Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Girutiskis Strict Nature Reserve Glebas Hydrographical Reserve Glėbava Pedological Reserve Glebavas Forest Aspen Genetic Reserve Glynas Landscape Reserve Godeliai Ethnocultural Reserve Gojus Geomorphological Reserve Gomerta Landscape Reserve Grandai Botanical Reserve Graumena Hydrographical Reserve Gražutė Landscape Reserve Gražutė Regional Park Green forest biosphere polygon Grigaičiai Landscape Reserve Gringaliai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Grioviai Geomorphological Reserve Grobstas Strict Nature Reserve Grūda Hydrographical Reserve Grūšlaukė Landscape Reserve Gruziai Botanical-zoological Reserve Grybingiris Strict Nature Reserve Gubernija forest biosphere polygon Gudeliai Geomorphological Reserve Gudmoniske Botanical Reserve Gukbyne Ornitological Reserve Guodziai Geomorphological Reserve Gykiai Botanical Reserve Gystus Botanical Reserve
Hagenas Ridge Geomorphological Reserve Hunting (Medžioklė) Swamp Strict Nature Reserve
Ilga Landscape Reserve Ilgasilis Botanical-Zoological reserve Ilgatrakis Botanical-Zoological Reserve Ilgelis Botanical-Zoological Reserve Ilgiai Hydrographical Reserve Ilgininkai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Ilgininkai Hydrographical Reserve Ilgininkai Telmological Reserve Ilgis Botanical-Zoological Reserve Ilgis Ornitological Reserve Ilgutis Botanical Reserve Indubakiai Geological Reserve Inklėriškės Landscape Reserve Iškartai Landscape Reserve Iženas telmologische Reserve
Janydžiai Geomorphological Reserve Jaušaičiai Geomorphological Reserve Jazdauskiškiai Landscape Reserve Jiesia Landscape Reserve Joniškis Forest Oak Genetic Reserve Jotija Hydrographical Reserve Judinis Geomorphological Reserve Jukainiai Geomorphological Reserve Julijanava Teriological Reserve Junkunai Geomorphological Reserve Juodabalė Zoological Reserve Juodabrastis Hydrographical Reserve Juodežeris Telmological Reserve Juodkrantė Urban Reserve Juodupė Hydrographical Reserve Juodupis Botanical Reserve Juosta Hydrographical Reserve Juozapine Geomorphological Reserve Jura Botanical Reserve Jūra Ichthiological Reserve Jūra Landscape Reserve Jūrava Forest Oak Genetic Reserve Jūrava Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Jurgelionys Botanical Reserve Jurgezeriai Botanical Reserve Južintas Landscape Reserve
Kačėnai Forest Oak Genetic Reserve Kadagynė Forest Oak Genetic Reserve Kalnai Strict Nature Reserve Kalnėnai Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Kalniškė Landscape Reserve Kalote Botanical-Zoological Reserve Kaltanėnai Urban Reserve Kalvarija biosphere polygon Kalvarijos Historical Reserve Kalviai Landscape Reserve Kalviai recuperational plot Kalviškiai Landscape Reserve Kamanos State Strict Nature Reserve Kamasta Landscape Reserve Kamatis river valley Botanical Reserve Kampuolis Hydrographical Reserve Kamsa Botanical-Zoological Reserve Kanys Marsh Botanical-zoological Reserve Kapiniškiai Landscape Reserve Karajimiškis Landscape Reserve Karciupis Hydrographical Reserve Karkazai Teriological Reserve Karklė Ethnocultural Reserve Karklė Landscape Reserve Karklė Thalassological Reserve Karniškės Telmological Reserve Karoliniškės Landscape Reserve Kartenalė Entomological Reserve Kartupis Geomorphological Reserve Karvaičiai Landscape Reserve Karveliškis Forest Ash Genetic Reserve Kaskalnis Geomorphological Reserve Katra Botanical-Zoological Reserve Kaukine Botanical-Zoological Reserve Kaukliai Telmological Reserve Kaunas Fortress V Fort Architectural Reserve Kaunas Lagoon Landscape Reserve Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park Kaunas Ornitological Reserve Kaunas Teriological Reserve Kazimierava Telmological Reserve Kazimieravas ornithological reserve Kazlu Ruda Botanical-Zoological Reserve Kazlu Ruda Landscape Reserve Kena Hydrographical Reserve Kepurenai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Kepurine Telmological Reserve Kermušija Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Kernavas Telmological Reserve Kernavė State Strict Cultural Reserve Kertuojai Hydrographical Reserve Kiaulyčia Botanical-Zoological Reserve Kiauna Landscape Reserve Kiauneliskis Strict Nature Reserve Kietkalnis Geomorphological Reserve Kintai Botanical Reserve Kintai Telmological Reserve Kirdonys Botanical Reserve Kirkilai Landscape Reserve Kirkšnovė Geomorphological Reserve Klaipėda-Ventpilis plateau biosphere polygon Klangiai Botanical Reserve Klevyčia Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Kliošiai Landscape Reserve Kniaupas Botanical-zoological Reserve Konstantinava Telmological Reserve Kopūstėliai Landscape Reserve Krakinis Telmological Reserve Krakinis Telmological Reserve Krazantė Hydrographical Reserve Kraziai Medžiokalnis Botanical Reserve Krekenava Regional park Krekenava Urban Reserve Kretuonas Landscape Reserve Kretuonykštis Telmotogical Reserve Kriogžlys Telmological Reserve Krokų Lanka Botanical-zoological Reserve Kruopyne Geomorphological Reserve Kruostas Botanical Reserve Krytas Ornitological Reserve Krytis Botanical-zoological Reserve Kryžiokai Geomorphological Reserve Kubiliunai forest Botanical-Zoological Reserve Kučiuliškė Hepertological Reserve Kudrioniai Landscape Reserve Kukiai Forest Aspen Genetic Reserve Kuliakampis Botanical-zoological Reserve Kulionys Landscape Reserve Kulis (Grabijolai) Landscape Reserve Kulva Geomorphological Reserve Kūlynai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Kunigiskė Landscape Reserve Kuodžiai Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Kuosine Geomorphological Reserve Kurkliai Geomorphological Reserve Kuršių Nerija (Curonian Spit) National Park Kurtuvėnai regional park Kuzapiškė Telmological Reserve Kylininkai Landscape Reserve
Labanoras regional park Labanoras Urban Reserve Labažė Hydrographical Reserve Labūnava forest biosphere polygon Lakaja Landscape Reserve Lakajai Landscape Reserve Lančiūnava forest biosphere polygon Lanciunava forest Botanical Reserve Lankesa Botanical Reserve Lapainia Botanical Reserve Lapgiriai Botanical Reserve Lapiai Geomorphological Reserve Lapkalnis Forest Oak Genetic Reserve Latežeris Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Latveliai Botanical Reserve Laučynė Landscape Reserve Laukagalis Botanical Reserve Laukagalis Telmological Reserve Laukėnai Telmological Reserve Lauko Soda Botanical-Zoological Reserve Laumalenkai Landscape Reserve Laumekiai Botanical Reserve Laumenis Botanical-Zoological Reserve Laumės Botanical-Zoological Reserve Leitė Hydrographical Reserve Leitgiriai Botanical Reserve Leitgiriai Hydrographical Reserve Lendryne Ornitological Reserve Lepsyne Botanical Reserve Lėvuo Landscape Reserve Liaudiškės Black Alder Genetic Reserve Liekė Landscape Reserve Liepakojai Botanical Reserve Liepgiriai Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Liepijai Landscape Reserve Liepinė Pedological Reserve Liepiskiai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Lietava Hydrographical Reserve Ligajai Landscape Reserve Linartai Genetic Reserve Linkava Hydrographical Reserve Linkuva Geomorphological Reserve Liskiava Landscape Reserve Liubelis Strict Nature Reserve Liukstyne Strict Nature Reserve Liunelis Strict Nature Reserve Lizdai Landscape Reserve Lomena Landscape Reserve Luknė Geomorphological Reserve Luknelė Hydrographical Reserve Lūkštas Hydrographical Reserve Luokė Urban Reserve Luzija Botanical Reserve Lyduokiai Landscape Reserve Lyduvėnai Landscape Reserve Lygiaraistis Telmological Reserve Lyglaukiai Geomorphological Reserve Lylava Hydrographical Reserve
Macgaliai Forest Oak Genetic Reserve Maldžiūnai Geomorphological Reserve Malkestaitis Hydrograhical Reserve Marcinkoniai Geomorphological Reserve Margavoniai Forest Oak Genetic Reserve Margininkai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Margupis Botanical Reserve Margupis Geomorphological Reserve Marijampolė Forest Spruce Genetic Reserve Markučiai Landscape Reserve Mažaičiai Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Mažeikiai Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Medininkai Botanical Reserve Medomiskis Botanical Reserve Medsėdžiai Geomorphological Reserve Medvalakis Geomorphological Reserve Medvėgalis Landscape Reserve Medziakalnis Geomorphological Reserve Medžioklė Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Medžioklės pelkė (Hunt Mire) Telmological Reserve Mekšrinis Botanical Reserve Mergiškės Landscape Reserve Mergiskes Strict Nature Reserve Merkinė Geomorphological Reserve Merkinė Urban Reserve Merkys Ichthiological Reserve Merkys Landscape Reserve Meškai Botanical-zoological Reserve Meškapieviai Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Meškinė Pedological Reserve Meteliai Landscape Reserve Meteliai Regional Park Mičiagirė Botanical-zoological Reserve Midega Botanical Reserve Mielėnai Geomorphological Reserve Mikoliškės Forest Spruce Genetic Reserve Mikytai Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Mikytai Landscape Reserve Milašaičiai Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Milašius Telmological Reserve Milikoniai Teriological Reserve Minija (Mingė) Village Architectural Reserve Minija Effusion Landscape Reserve Minija Ichthiological Reserve Minija Ichthiological Reserve Minija Ichthiological Reserve Minija Landscape Reserve Minija Old Valley Landscape Reserve Minija River Head Hydrographical Reserve Minija Strict Nature Reserve Minijos Senvagė Botanical-zoological Reserve Mituva Hydrographical Reserve Mociunai forest Botanical Reserve Morkavas Botanical-Zoological Reserve Moša Archeological Reserve Mosedis Ornitological Reserve Musa Valley Botanical Reserve Mūšos Tyrelis Telmological Reserve Musteika ethnocultural reserve Musteika Strict Nature Reserve
Nagliai Strict Nature Reserve Naravai Village Landscape Reserve Nataika Botanical-Zoological Reserve Naudvaris Botanical Reserve Naudvaris Forest Oak Genetic Reserve Naujasis Lentvaris Botanical Reserve Naujoji Freda Teriological Reserve Navakoniai Geological Reserve Nedzingė Forest Spruce Genetic Reserve Nemajūnai Landscape Reserve Nemirseta Landscape Reserve Nemunas and Nevėžis confluence Landscape Reserve Nemunas Delta Regional Park Nemunas Front Delta Strict Nature Reserve Nemunas Landscape Reserve Nemunas Landscape Reserve Nemunas Loops Regional Park Nemunas Žiogiai Hydrographical Reserve Nemunelis - Apascia Geological Reserve Nemuno Kilpos Hydrographical Reserve Nerėpa Entomological Reserve Neringa Thalassological Reserve Neris Regional Park Netiesos Hydrographical Reserve Nevaisiai Geomorphological Reserve Neversciai Botanical Reserve Nevėžis Landscape Reserve Nevėžis Vidurupis Landscape Reserve Nida Urban Reserve Niedus ornithological reserve Nikajis Botanical Reserve Norkaiciai Botanical Reserve Norviliškės Landscape Reserve Noškūnai Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Notigalė Telmological Reserve Nova Hydrographical Reserve Novaraisciai Ornitological Reserve Nyka Landscape Reserve
Obelis Landscape Reserve Obelynė Landscape Reserve Obelyte Strict Nature Reserve Olandų kepurė Landscape Reserve Old Trakai Castle Strict Cultural Reserve Ošvenčia Hydrographical Reserve
Paazuolyne Botanical-zoological Reserve Pabaliai Botanical Reserve Pabalvė Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Paberžė Landscape Reserve Pabijociai Botanical - zoological Reserve Pabiržulis Archeological Reserve Pabrade recuperational plot Paburgė Landscape Reserve Padaiciai Botanical Reserve Padaiciai Geological Reserve Padarba Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Padauguva forest biosphere polygon Padubysis Botanical - zoological Reserve Padumblė Botanical-zoological Reserve Pageluvis Landscape Reserve Pagilūtė Telmological Reserve Paginskiai Telmological Reserve Pagirgždūtis Pedological Reserve Pagramancio Birch Genetic Reserve Pagramantis Regional Park Pajieslis Geomorphological Reserve Pajiesmeniai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Pajūris Regional Park Pakalnė Polders Landscape Reserve Pakalniai Geomorphological Reserve Pakalniai Telmological Reserve Pakalniskiai Geomorphological Reserve Pakastuva telmological Reserve Pakėvė Telmological Reserve Pakrykštė Geomorphological Reserve Palaraistis Telmological Reserve Palemonas Defensive Fortifications Archaeological Reserve Palonas Hydrographical Reserve Palšinė Telmological Reserve Pamušiai Landscape Reserve Panatrytis Geomorphological Reserve Panemuniai Regional Park Paneriai erosive ridge Landscape Reserve Paneriai I forest pine Genetic Reserve Pankliškė Forest Ash Genetic Reserve Pankliškė Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Pankliškė Forest Black Alder Genetic Reserve Paparciai Botanical Reserve Paparčiai Telmological Reserve Papis Ornitological Reserve Parnidis Landscape Reserve Parubežio Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Paryžinė Forest Pine I Genetic Reserve Paryžinė Forest Pine II Genetic Reserve Paryžinė Forest Spruce Genetic Reserve Pasandravys Historical Reserve Pašešuvys Landscape Reserve Pasileliai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Paširvintis Telmological Reserve Pastuva Botanical Reserve Pašušvys Landscape Reserve Patveris Botanical-Zoological Reserve Pavandenė Landscape Reserve Paviksrupys Botanizal-Zoological Reserve Pavilniai Regional Park Pavinkšniai Forest Oak Genetic Reserve Pavirvyciai Botanical Reserve Pavistytis Geomorphological Reserve Pažaislis Architectural Reserve Pazelsviai Botanical Reserve Paželsviai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Pažemys Landscape Reserve Pelednagiai Botanical Reserve Peleniai Botanical-zoological Reserve Pelesa Botanical-Zoological Reserve Pelesa Botanical-zoological Reserve Pelysa Geological Reserve Peršokšna Landscape Reserve Peršokšnai Hydrographical Reserve Pertakas forest biosphere polygon Pertakas Ornitological Reserve Perūnas Telmological Reserve Pervalka Urban Reserve Petkunai-Skaiste Ornitological Reserve Petriošiškis Telmological Reserve Petriškė Geomorphological Reserve Piluona Botanical-Zoological Reserve Pilvingis Ornitological Reserve Pipiriskiai Geomorphological Reserve Pivasiunai Geomorphological Reserve Plastaka Hydrographical Reserve Plateliai Landscape Reserve Plateliai Urban Reserve Plauginiai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Plaze Strict Nature Reserve Pleinė Telmological Reserve Plėšiškiai Geomorfological Reserve Pliaušė Hydrographical Reserve Plinkšiai forest biosphere polygon Plinkšiai Landscape Reserve Plokstine Strict Nature Reserve Plomėnai Ornitological Reserve Plynoji Telmological Reserve Poškoniai Ethnocultural Reserve Povilnis Strict Nature Reserve Pratkunai Geomorphological Reserve Pravalas Botanizal Reserve Praviena Hydrographical Reserve Pravirsulis Tyrelis Botanical-Zoological Reserve Preila Urban Reserve Prienai Wood Landscape Reserve Prievačka Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Prusagale Geomorphological Reserve Pūčkoriai Landscape Reserve Pučkoriai Landscape Reserve Punia Landscape Reserve Punia Pinewood Strict Nature Reserve Punia Šilas Botanical-Zoological Reserve Purvėnai Geomorphological Reserve Purviai Strict Nature Reserve Purviniškiai Telmological Reserve Pūsčia Telmological Reserve Pusgudžiai Forest Ash Genetic Reserve Pušnis Telmological Reserve Pustakiemis Botanical Reserve Pustlaukis Geomorphological Reserve Pyvesa Hydrographical Reserve
Radvilioniai Botanical Reserve Radviloniai Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Ragainės Vingis Hidrological Reserve Ragana Hill Landscape Reserve Raigardas Landscape Reserve Rambynas Landscape Reserve Rambynas Regional Park Ramygala Telmological Reserve Rašai Hydrographical Reserve Rauda Landscape Reserve Raudonoji Bala Telmological Reserve Raudonplynis Landscape Reserve Raudsparnė Landscape Reserve Reciai Botanical-Zoological Rezerve Reiskiai Tyras Landscape Reserve Rekyva Botanical-Zoological Reserve Ribiškiai Landscape Reserve Riekučiai Archeological Reserve Riešė Hydrographical Reserve Rimašiai Ehnocultural Reserve Ringėliškė Botanical-Zoological Reserve Ringovė Entomological Reserve Rinkotai Botanical Reserve Rizgonys Landscape Reserve Romainiai azuolynas Botanical-zoological Reserve Romainiai I Teriological Reserve Romainiai II Teriological Reserve Rubikiai Hydrographical Reserve Rūdgiriai Telmological Reserve Rūdiškės Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Rudnia Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Rudninkai forest biosphere polygon Rūdninkai Landscape Reserve Rukundziai Strict Nature Reserve Rumsiskės Teriological Reserve Runeikiai forest Telmological Reserve Rupkalviai Telmological Reserve Ruškis Landscape Reserve Rusnė Urban Reserve Ruzas Botanical-zoological Reserve
Sabališkė Pedological Reserve Saidė Landscape Reserve Sakoniai Bala Telmological Reserve Sakyna Geomorphological Reserve Salagiris Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Salantai Regional Park Salantai Urban Reserve Salanto vidurupys Hidrographical Reserve Salanto žemupys Hidrographical Reserve Salcia Hydrographical Reserve Salduškis Geomorphological Reserve Salinis Hydrographical Reserve Salos Culture Reserve Salotis Telmological Reserve Saloviškės Landscape Reserve Saltuona Botanical-zoological Reserve Samaniai Telmological Reserve Sambija plateau biosphere polygon Sąnaša Teriological Reserve Sandrausiškė Telmological Reserve Sanžilė Landscape Reserve Sarkuciai Geomorphological Reserve Sartai Hydrographical Reserve Sartai Regional Park Sata-Vabalas Botanical-Zoological Reserve Satkunai Botanical Reserve Sausgalviai botanical-zoological reserve Sėmena I Teriological Reserve Sėmena II Teriological Reserve Semeniukai Zoological Reserve Senieji (Old) Trakai Archeological Reserve Senieji Trakai Village Architectural Reserve Senoji Rusne ornithological reserve Seredžius Landscape Reserve Serksne Hydrographical Reserve Serlediškis Telmological Reserve Sermuksniai peatbog Botanical-Zoological Reserve Seskine slope Geomorphological Reserve Sesuva Botanical Reserve Seta Botanical Reserve Siaudenai Botanical Reserve Siberija Telmological Reserve Siesartis Hydrographical Reserve Siesartis Landscape Reserve Sietuva Landscape Reserve Siline Botanical Reserve Siline Botanical Reserve Silkalniai Geomorphological Reserve Silupe Geomorphological Reserve Siluvos Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Siponys Village Landscape Reserve Sirvėta Landscape Reserve Sirvėta Regional Park Sirvinta Hydrographical Reserve Siūriai Telmological Reserve Siviliškės Landscape Reserve Skaistis Strict Nature Reserve Skersabaliai Geomorphological Reserve Skirvytėlė Village Ethnocultural Reserve Skrebys Botanical Reserve Skriaudziai Geomorphological Reserve Skroblas Strict Nature Reserve Smalva Hydrographical Reserve Smalvas Landscape Reserve Smelte Botanical Reserve Smilga and Smilgaitis Landscape Reserve Smilga Landscape Reserve Smiltyne Botanical-zoological Reserve Smiltynė Urban Reserve Snieginis Telmological Reserve Sodeliukai Genetic Reserve Spengla Hydrographical Reserve Spingė Geomorphological Reserve Sprindžius Landscape Reserve Stabulankiai Geological Reserve Stakai Landscape Reserve Stanavietė Forest Spruce Genetic Reserve Stanislava Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Stėgalia Pine Forest Genetic Reserve Stempliai Landscape Reserve Stervas Strict Nature Reserve Stirbaičiai Landscape Reserve Stirniai Hydrographical Reserve Stirniškės Geomorphological Reserve Storiai Landscape Reserve Stračiūnai Hepertological Reserve Strauja Geomorphological Reserve Strazdyne Botanical Reserve Strėva Landscape Reserve Strėva River Head Hydrographical Reserve Strėva source Landscape Reserve Strošiūnai Landscape Reserve Strošiūnai Teriological Reserve Subartoniai Forest Botanical Reserve Subartonys Landscape Reserve Sudenai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Sudvajai Forest Pine I Genetic Reserve Sudvajai Forest Pine II Genetic Reserve Sudvajai Forest Pine III Genetic Reserve Sudvajai Geomorphological Reserve Suktiskes Botanical-zoological Reserve Sulinkiai Ornitological Reserve Sulinkiai recuperational plot Surgantiškės Archaeological Reserve Sūrinis Telmological Reserve Susve Hydrographical Reserve Suvainiškis Telmological Reserve Svencele meadow botanical-zoological reserve Svencelė Telmological Reserve Svendre Botanical Reserve Sventininkai Botanical Reserve Sventoji Hydrographical Reserve Svete valley Botanical Reserve Svilė Landscape Reserve Svirpline Botanical-zoological Reserve Svyla biosphere polygon Sydeklis Telmological Reserve
Tabaliukai Hydrographical Reserve Tabalys Botanical Reserve Tadarinė Botanical-Zoological Reserve Tapeliai Landscape Reserve Targis Geomorphological Reserve Tartokas Telmological Reserve Tatula Landscape Reserve Taucioniai Geomorphological Reserve Taujėnai-Užulėnis forests biosphere polygon Tauragnas Landscape Reserve Taurija Ornitological Reserve Taurupis Landscape Reserve Teizai Landscape Reserve Tenenis Hydrographical Reserve Tetervinis Telmological Reserve Tilvikai Forest Black Alder Genetic Reserve Tilze Geomorpfological Reserve Trakai Historical National Park Trakai Island and Peninsula Castle Strict Cultural Reserve Trakai Old Town Urban Reserve Trakas Botanical-zoological Reserve Trakas Strict Nature Reserve Trakenai forest Botanical Reserve Trakėnai Telmological Reserve Tramiai Telmological Reserve Troškūnai Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Tryškiai Forest Black Alder I Genetic Reserve Tryškiai Forest Black Alder II Genetic Reserve Tuciai Geomorphological Reserve Tuputiškiai Botanical Reserve Tuputiškiai Geomorphological Reserve Turniškė Landscape Reserve Tyrelis Landscape Reserve Tyruliai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Tytuvėnai Aarchitectural Reserve Tytuvėnai Regional Park
Ucieka Geomorphological Reserve Uogys Landscape Reserve Uole Hydrographical Reserve Uostadvaris Ornitological Reserve Upninkai Botanical Reserve Upyna Geomorphological Reserve Upyte Geomorphological Reserve Upytė Historical Reserve Upyte Hydrographical Reserve Urbas Hill Geomorphological Reserve Urkis Telmological Reserve Utenas Landscape Reserve Uzpelkiai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Užpelkiai Botanical-zoological Reserve Uzpelkiai Strict Nature Reserve Užpelkiai Telmological Reserve Užubaliai Telmological Reserve Užušilė Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Užutrakis Park Landscape Architecture Reserve
Vadokšnas Telmological Reserve Vainagiai Landscape Reserve Vainaičiai tyras Telmological Reserve Vainiškis Pedological Reserve Vainutas forests biosphere polygon Vaisgeliskis Botanical Reserve Vaiskunai Geomorphological Reserve Vaitaičiai Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Vajeliai Geological Reserve Valakai Forest Oak Genetic Reserve Valakupiai valley Geomorphological Reserve Vanagine Geomorphological Reserve Varčia Pedological Reserve Varduva Landscape Reserve Varius Botanical Reserve Varius Hydrographical Reserve Varnabūdė Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Varnabudė Pedological Reserve Varniai Regional Park Varniai Urban Reserve Varnikai Botanical-zoological Reserve Varnikėliai - Serapiniškės Village Architectural Reserve Varniškiai Culture Reserve Varniškiai Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Varputenai Geomorphological Reserve Vasaknos biosphere polygon Veisiejai Urban Reserve Veiviržas Landscape Reserve Veiviržis Ichthiological Reserve Velniabalė Telmological Reserve Velniaravis Strict Nature Reserve Vembūtai Landscape Reserve Venta Landscape Reserve Venta Regional Park Venta River Head Hidrographical Reserve Ventė Landscape Reserve Vepriai Botanical Reserve Verdeikiai Geomorphological Reserve Verkiai Architectural Reserve Verkiai Regional Park Verknė Botanical-zoological Reserve Verknė Landscape Reserve Verkne Landscape Reserve Verkne source Landscape Reserve Verniejus Hydrographical Reserve Veršvas Landscape Reserve Verzuva Hydrographical Reserve Viciai Geomorfphological Reserve Vidiškiai Forest Spruce Genetic Reserve Vidzgiris Botanical Reserve Viekšniai Urban Reserve Viešvilė Forest Pine Genetic Reserve Viesvile State Strict Nature Reserve Vijuoliai Entomological Reserve Vijurkai Geomorphological Reserve Viliukai forest biosphere polygon Vilkaiciai Geomorphological Reserve Vilkaraištis Telmological Reserve Vilkas Botanical Reserve Vilkatėnai Botanical Reserve Vilkiausis Botanical-zoological Reserve Vilkija Hydrographical Reserve Vilkokšnis Landscape Reserve Vilkyškiai Geomorfological Reserve Vilkyškiai Urban Reserve Vilnia Hydrographical Reserve Vilniaus Pilys State Strict Cultural Reserve Vincentavas Botanical-Zoological Reserve Virange Geomorphological Reserve Virbalgiris Botanical-Zoological Reserve Virinta Hydrographical Reserve Virinta Landscape Reserve Virvyte Hydrographical Reserve Virvytė Hydrographical Reserve Virvytė Landscape Reserve Virzonai Botanical Reserve Visakis valley Botanical Reserve Visbarai biosphere polygon Visincia Hydrographical Reserve Visinčia Landscape Reserve Vistytgiris Botanical-Zoological Reserve Vištytis Regional Park Vištytis Urban Reserve Vizdija Hydrographical Reserve Vokė Geomorphological Reserve Voke Hydrographical Reserve Vosbuciai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Vosyna Strict Nature Reserve Vyksius Botanical-Zoological Reserve Vyriogala Botanizal-Zoological Reserve Vytėnai Forest Birch Genetic Reserve Vytėnai Telmological Reserve Vyzuonai Botanical Reserve
Zaduojys Landscape Reserve Zagariai Geomorphological Reserve Zalioji Giria Botanical-Zoological Reserve Zalioji meadows Botanical-zoological Reserve Zalvariai Geological Reserve Zalvas Hydrographical Reserve Zembiskis forest Botanical Reserve Zorubeliai Botanical-Zoological Reserve Zuvintas Strict Nature Reserve Zygmantiskiai Geomorphological Reserve