Kurtuvėnai Regional Park Nature School

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In one of the homesteads of Jautmalkė village, built and equipped according to the old Samogitian traditions operates a nature school–a cozy refuge for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Cognitive trails start at the Jautmalkė Nature School, where you can visit the Smirdėlė swamp, climb a hill which was formed by the glacier, and see the old lime tree garden. From Jautmalkė, it is convenient to walk in order to visit Lakes Bijotė, Juodlė, Geluva, to climb Vainagiai or Galvydiškė mound, to see Svilė springs, to visit Kurtuvėnai manor homestead.

The Jautmalkė nature school maintains and renovates the school premises in order to meet the modern needs of visitors.