Bitėnai white stork colony

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In the centre of the village of Bitėnai in the pines on the bank of Nemunas, white storks are making nests and hatching children. There are 19 to 23 nests in the colony depending on a year. There are as many as two nests in some pine trees. Pagėgiai municipality is famous for colonies of white storks – in Kucuosai, Bitėnai and Mociškiai. Interesting that the storks here started spinning nests in the pine trees, although traditionally they usually settle in the deciduous trees. Storks are being observed in Rambynas Regional Park for more than 15 years. Here are over 50 pairs of storks every year. Statistically, 17 storks grow up in a single nest in 10 years. The figure seems significant, thinking that all storks should return to their native places to hatch. But that's not the case. Although 50 breeding pairs of storks grow an average of 85 storks in the regional park the number is not increasing because more of them just can't feed themselves here. Grown-up and mature storks are looking for other dwellings. This is evident in the gathering of a colony of storks in the village of Mociškės near the regional park - a place that resembles very much its home in the Bitėnai under its living conditions. The “branch” of the Bitėnai stork colony seems to have been located there. The nests are also wrapped in pine trees, close to each other. During the tourist season stork life in nests, first juvenile steps and attempts to fly, and parental care for children can be watched from a nearby observatory in the Bitėnai.