Dubrava small strict reserve (area – 120 ha) was established in 1994 to preserve rare forest plant sites, productive coniferous woods, natural upper marsh and other valuable plant communities. It covers quarters 51, 52, 68 and 69 of Dubrava Forest, in Vaišvydava forestry district, Kaunas regional municipality.

The forest that has not been touched by human hands for six decades is already growing in the small strict reserve. The deadwood, slash and windfalls have been accumulated during these years. A part of spruces dried off because of vermin. The small strict reserve is also included in the European ecological network Natura 2000. It is also in the list of the territories of potential importance for the protection of habitats. The natural habitat of the European Union’s importance is protected in the small strict reserve – Western taiga 9010.

The educational trail of 1.9 km was formed there in 2005.