Vištytis Regional Park Visitor Center

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Discover the hilly Suvalkija in Visitor Center of Vištytis Regional Park! One of the most important goals of the Vištytis Regional Park is to preserve the Suduva Hill. The exposition of the Visitor Center shows the three highest mountains of the Suwalki hills - Stankūnai, Dunojus, Pavištytis. Inside the hills you will find interesting facts about the existing hills, Lake Vištytis, natural ecosystems, we will tell you the history of Vištytis Town,you will get acquainted with the Suvalkians national costumes, and stories of Vištytis stones.The exposition is decorated with stylized birds, fabric patterns that reveal the rich ethnographic heritage of the region.

Working hours:

I-V 08.00 - 17.00