Veisiejai Regional Park Visitor Center

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The exposition “Gyvenimas tarp vandenų” of the Veisiejai Regional Park Visitor Center reflects the exceptional value of the Veisiejai Regional Park. General information about the regional park, the hilly region of Šlavantai, the landscape of Ančia, the lakeside surroundings of Kapčiamiestis and Veisiejai, historical, natural, cultural and tourist information is provided. The visitor center is located in a historical place: on the right wing of the former Veisiejai manor. The right wing has remained as a former U-shaped, Baroque-era manor house, standing symmetrically in front of the church. It is one of the oldest buildings not only in Veisiejai but also in the surrounding area. The residential palace was built in the 17th century. During that period, the manor was ruled by the Masalskis dukes. In the 19th century. it belonged to the Dukes of Oginskis.

Working hours:

II - VI  10.00 am - 6.00 pm (lunch break 13.00 am - 14.00 am)
In the cold season from November 1. until May 1. Saturdays working only with the prior agreement phone. +370 318 562334.