Salantai Regional Park Visitor Center

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The theme of the glacier in the exposition of the visitor center is presented by a stylized relief of the regional park, formed on the ceiling and connecting all the corners of the center. The relief formed by the last ice age symbolizes the exposures of the regional park and the flat-bottomed valleys of the Erla, Salantas and Minija rivers. Lichens growing on rocks symbolize longevity, telling of the changes that have taken place in nature over thousands of years. The visitor is introduced not only to the nature of this region, but also to the culture. Here you can hear the Samogitian dialect, learn more about traditional architecture and archeological heritage. In the interactive game, visitors have the opportunity to shape the landscape of this region, see the natural wonders ​of Salantai Regional Park, learn about boulders and test their strength. We welcome all curious visitors interested in the nature and culture of the regional park!

The exposition can be visited daily on working days:

I – IV  8.00–17.00
V        8.00–15.45

Lunch break 12.00-12.45.

VI     9.00–17.00 (since 2021-05-03; without break)

during the season, the visitor center is also open on Saturdays