Rambynas Regional Park Visitor Center

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Just 1 km away from the famous Rambynas Mountain and only 300 m away from the Little Lithuanian Pantheon-Bitėnai-Užbičiai Cemetery, the old historic homestead of G. Volbergas inn has a visitor centre of Rambynas Regional Park with exposition at the site of an old farm building. On the first floor of the building there is a hall for community gatherings, educational and cultural events and exhibitions. Nearby there is visitors reception. Here you will always be pleasantly welcomed, you will get the information you need, you will be able to buy souvenirs with park symbols. On the second floor there is an exhibition of the values of the regional park, which introduces the history of the formation of the Vilkyškės ridge, the flood-flooded meadows between the mouth of the Sea River and the Nemunas, the distinctiveness of the ancient lakes, the variety of vegetation and fauna, and the wealth of forest covering the ridge ridges. The most valuable place of the mountain, the end of its Lithuanian part – Rambynas Mountain. Its mythological significance, the fate of the rinse tribe, the historic towns of Tilžė and Ragainė with Mažvydas, Vydūnas and many other attractions await you in this Visitors' Centre.

Opening hours:


II-IV 8.00-17.00
 V    8.00-15.45 
 VI   8.00-17.00 


I-IV 8.00-17.00 
 V   8.00-15.45