Nemunas Delta Regional Park Visitor Center

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The main theme of the exposition is "Where the Nemunas Branches Out."
The exposition fascinates the visitor with creativity and ingenuity. Thanks to new technologies, all the heritage values ​​of the regional park, places to visit, educational trails, exclusive routes, etc. are presented to visitors in an interactive map. In the computer terminal it is possible to test ornithological knowledge and guess the birds. Perhaps the most eye-catching is the cabin, where you can feel the flight of a bird while sitting in a smart chair.
The exposition also includes a model of the steering wheel of Kurėnas, an ancient fishing vessel, a touch of its sail or a reading of its history. Children are trying to recognize the birds of the Nemunas delta.

Working hours:

I - IV 08.00 - 17.00
V      08.00 - 15.45