Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park Visitor Center

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The acquaintance with Kaunas Reservoir Regional Park and its exclusive values begins at the Visitors Centre. Here you can get acquainted with the exposition “Turning the Nemunas into a Reservoir” find out who is hiding at the bottom of the lagoon, who is “eating” the shores, who is the thickest in Lithuania and who is the sweetest of all. The main focus of the exhibition is so called “Time Machine”, which helps to move to the oldest times and see the last glacier shrink, the territory of Kaunas Reservoir Regional Park formed and Kaunas Reservoir was born. The exhibition focused on the theme of flooded villages, with a interactive stand "Feet at the bottom lagoon" for this purpose, in which you can “dive” by pressing buttons and see what the villages that now no longer exist or have been lifted from the bottom of the lagoon looked like. For the younger generation, we follow the history of this region as a fairy tale, because that's what many find it to be. Of course, this fairy tale is not fictional, but has been survived and experienced several times. That's what we call people who come from the bottom of the lagoon -- the bottom guys. We have collected and still collect archival photographs revealing the landscape and local spirit of the old Nemunas Valley. This is why the theme of the exhibition “Turning the Nemunas into a Reservoir” is one of the most prominent metamorphoses of the 20 th century landscape in Lithuania. In 2019, Kaunas Reservoir reached the age of 60. Visit and take at least 60 symbolic minutes to remember the history of the emergence of the largest body of water.

Working hours:

 I-IV 8:00-17:00 
 V    8.00-15.45
 VI (1 May to 1 October) 10:00-18:00 .
 VII and public holidays - Closed