Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park Nature School

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The Nature school, based on the concept of active learning in nature and from the nature, was founded in 2001 by the NorwegianNature School. As a result, we are probably the first directorate in Lithuania to operate in this area. It is true that initially the concept of the Nature School covered only activities, because we did not have the facilities for it. However, facilities got dedicated in 2015. Nevertheless, our main area of learning and cognition is still the exclusive nature of the regional park and the living contact with it, although there is no shortage of activity under the “roof,” especially when the weather is not pleasant. The premises of the nature school are also ideal for organising long-term and short-term camps, conferences and training. Specialists of the directorate conduct educational and hiking activities, organize conservational events, help visitors to know the exclusive values of the regional park and develop ecological culture. Kaunas Reservoir Regional Park Nature School is located in a colourful, remotely recognisable building. The drawing on the wall attracts attention. It was painted by “Living Graphics” team – Žygimantas Amelynas and Tadas Šimkus, whose works adorn a number of previously dead walls in Kaunas.