Gražutė Regional Park Visitor Center

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Visitors Center is a gateway to Gražutė Regional Park, a place where it is best to plan and start your journey around it. The visitors' centre provides professional, comprehensive information about the natural and cultural heritage properties, landscape and biodiversity in the Gražutė Regional Park. The visitors' centre provides  information about museums, crafts centres, educational paths, water and bicycle routes, connections and campsites. In the visitors' centre you can learn about rural tourist homesteads, catering and various active leisure opportunities in the Gražutė Regional Park. For those visiting the Visitor Centre there is available Wi-Fi, one can buy a regional park visitor's ticket, souvenirs. The ethnographic exposition of Salakas region introduces the lifestyle of salakons from the late nineteenth to twentieth centuries, the apartment and the utensils that dominated it, the character of townspeople, the most beautiful national holidays, old crafts, businesses, celebrities of the town and national minorities. Old photographs, maps and restored exhibits present the history of the land of Salakas. In the ethnographic exposition of the Salakas, you can flip and read a set of 40 manuscripts. This is a very detailed and carefully collected material by teacher Vida Žilinskienė about the tales of the Salakas region, stories, extinct villages, people, crafts, celebrations and games, volunteers, cultural heritage and the development of the town. Bibliophiles can explore a collection of old books, which mainly consists of textbooks and methodological publications for teachers in Lithuanian schools in the early twentieth century. The theological section consists of prayer books, textbooks of hymnal and theology used at the end of the nineteenth century. Vida Žilinskienė's “Maritime Museum”, located in the visitors' centre, is probably the most remote marine museum from the ocean. It is a unique collection of marine animals, colorful coral, shells, souvenirs and fossils accumulated over 50 years. According to the collector's teacher Vida Žilinskienė, the number of exhibits has already exceeded 4 thousand and this is not the end. Those who arrive will be surprised by the huge lobster, the Japanese sea urchin, the dried shark, the predator pyrania, the shells used in the Indonesian islands as the pennies, and the good Kaukutis will fulfill your beautiful wishes. When you visit the museum, you will not only hear breathtaking stories about dangerous sea voyages, poisonous shells, healing cuttlefish powder, but you will also see a multitude of unusual and unseen inhabitants of the deep sea. And if you miss the sea a lot, you'll definitely hear it whimpering in the sinks. Every 1,000 visitors win a special V.Žilinskienė prize. Intrested? Come, maybe this time, happiness will smile at you.

Working hours:

I-IV 8:00-17:00
V    8:00-15:45
Lunch break 12:00-12:45

We are closed on public holidays!
On the day before the holiday, the working hours are shorter by 1 hour.

From May 1 to September 30
II-V 8:00-17:00
VI   9:00-16: 45
Lunch break 12:00-12:45

We are closed on public holidays!
On the day before the holiday, the working hours are shorter by 1 hour.

For excursions to the Gražutė Regional Park Visitor Center and the ethnographic exposition of the Salakas region or Vida Žilinskienė's "Maritime Museum", please call +370 670 97265 or e-mail